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Novel Drug Delivery System

An Introduction
During the past three decades of pharma industry, drug delivery systems has made significant advances. The sustained release pellets are used as core for the manufacture of capsule pharmaceutical dosage form, in particular for oral controlled drug release formulations. Drug delivery has now came to be recognized as a means of optimizing therapy with established drugs through better understanding of their pharmacokinetics & toxicity. By the use of new Drug Delivery systems, the bioavailability can be enhanced the therapeutic index of drugs by site specific targeting can be increased. And facilitates to reduce and excellent patient compliance can be obtained.

Advantages Of Novel Drug Delivery Systems Over Conventional Tablet / Capsule Preparations:

  • Reduction of adverse effects by preventing the peak plasma levels from exceeding the therapeutic range.
  • Prevention of high localized concentration of a drug and thereby minimizing gastric irritation.
  • Reduction in frequency of dosage, thereby enhancing patient compliance.
  • Effective management of the disease condition by maintaining the blood levels in the therapeutic range from a longer duration.
  • Avoidance of night-time dosing which otherwise disturbs the patient.
  • To Extended/delayed release technologies can be tailored to the desired release profile for a given drug. The release characteristics are customized on its Pharmacokinetic profile and need of compliance and side effects in mind for patients.
  • Our pellets containing appropriate active in percentage can be used to fill different strengths dosage form, thus avoiding repetitious & costly strength specific validations.
  • Pellets filled in transparent capsules provide aesthetic appeal with differentiation for marketing advantage compared to conventional tablet and capsule.

Novel Drug Delivery System

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